Fujikam FI 361 HD review The little camera that could

The Fujikam FI 361 HD is a great camera for advanced amateurs and professionals alike. With its high resolution, fast frame rate, and low-light capabilities, the FI 361 HD is perfect for capturing beautiful photos and videos. There are details about Fujikam FI 361 HD review.

The FI-H.361, cloud IP N, Wireless, Video Surveillance, Night Vision, network camera, plug-and-play, surveillance, and two-way audio makes it simple and seamless for monitoring a home.

The top-selling Fujikam HD monitor, wireless, night vision, two-way voice, digital zoom, video recording, and motion detection make it simple to connect, IP camera for use in home and office. Security cameras that promise many features are indeed overpriced, although they provide less than expected.

Would you like to watch your pet, child, elderly parents, house, or office in another location while you’re away? If so, Fujikam is the place to go. We specialize in camera networking, selling the best IP cameras at a good price. We ensure you never have to live with the memories that others have of you and your loved ones or miss anything that happens when you’re not at the office or away from home.

Fujikam FI 361 HD Features

Real-time video streaming of 1280 x 720 HD videos in real time via a smartphone or tablet, no matter your location, along with a USB micro SD card purchaseable to store and transfer videos, supports two-way digital voice communication, a built-in speaker, a built-in microphone, two-way intercom, night vision, and a QR code login, incredibly easy to mount, comes with a comprehensive user manual.

  • H.264 is an advanced technology used to compress video.
  • P2P technology involves the plug and play of systems.
  • HD 1080 × 1920, 720P, HD 720 display resolution.
  • Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, and other web browsers are supported.
  • The audio and telecommunications level of signal processing should be supported.
  • Support Android iOS system mobile phones, real-time remote monitoring.
  • Handle multiple simultaneous access, multiple simultaneous management.
  • Motion detection, intrusion detection, real-time app push notifications are all features having this app.
  • 12 infrared LEDs provide night vision of up to 132 feet.
  • For more information, the IR-C technology includes a 24/7/365 paging alarm button.
  • With Wi-Fi support (IEEE 802.11 b g n), you can reliably connect to a network.
  • Support QR code login
  • Micro SD card (up to 32 GB) storage, mini NVR, and cloud storage can be supported.
  • *Support Pan and Tilt (level: 320° & vertical: 120°)
  • *Latest smart transmission technologies allow.

Fujikam FI 361 HD Product Details:

Durable grey plastic with a black rubber finish. Colour Grey and black Dimensions 8.15 × 6.57 × 5.23 inches Weighs ; Input wattage ; Output wattage Box Includes Camera Power Cable, Ethernet Cable, Wall Bracket, User Manuel.

Fujikam FI 361 HD Product Description:

The Fujikam is one of the top hybrid models in the RV industry with a display of multiple advanced technological features. Whenever you go away on a vacation or are in the mood to get to your office, you can have an utmost peace of mind leaving your children, pet, or elderly parents at home while using the Fujikam. As long as you have a compatible electronic device, you can observe whatever is happening at home through the remote live video streaming feature. Secure your home or office with well-balanced digital zoom and remotely controlled pan and tilt functions. more details on Google Search

Fujikam fi-361 setup

Fujikam fi-361 P2P technology involves the plug and play of systems. The plug and play technology provides the user with a range of options, covering all functionalities. It is an easy to use and user friendly device. With the P2P technology, you can easily set up the Fujikam fi-361 camera to monitor any place in your house. You can set up the Fujikam fi-361 camera at a fixed place, or use it under different conditions. This is because the P2P technology adapts to the conditions in which you use it.

fujikam fi-361 reset button

The reset button on the back of the Fujikam fi-361 digital camera is a convenient way to reset your camera after you have problems with it. Fujikam fi-361 reset button To reset your camera after you have problems with it, press the reset button on the back of the camera for about two seconds. The on-screen messages will disappear and your camera should start working again. Fujikam’s fi-361 digital camera has a reset button on the back. The button is hidden behind a black rubber flap. If you press and hold the reset button for about two seconds, the camera will power down and then back up again. This will clear any stored data from the camera.